My name is Leon

1) plonk verb

UK /plɒŋk/ US /plɑːŋk(PUT DOWN)

[ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] mainly uk us usually plunkto put something downheavily and without taking care:

Just plonk the shopping (down) on the table, and come and have a cup of tea.
Come in and plonk yourselves (down) (= sit down) anywhere you like.

2) malnourished adjective

UK /ˌmælˈnʌr.ɪʃt/ US /ˌmælˈnɝː.ɪʃt/

5) pucker verb [ I or T ]

UK /ˈpʌk.ər/ US /ˈpʌk.ɚ/ also pucker up

He puckered his lips and kissed her.

6) tuck sb in  phrasal verb with tuck UK /tʌk/ US /tʌk/ verb [ T usually + adv/prep]

to make someone comfortable in bed, especially a child, by arrangingthe covers around them:

Daddy, if I go to bed now will you tuck me in?


UK /ˈfʌs.ti/ US /ˈfʌs.ti/ disapproving

7) fusty adjective (SMELL)  not fresh and smelling unpleasant especially because of being leftslightly wet:This room smells slightly fusty — I think I’ll open a window.

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