My name is Leon. Part 3

stack noun [ C ]

UK /stæk/ US /stæk/

stack noun [ C ] (PILE)


UK /əˈlɒt.mənt/ US /əˈlɑːt.mənt/

allotment noun (GROUND)

[ C ] uk a small piece of ground in or just outside a town that a personrents for growing vegetables, fruits, or flowers

a pile of things arranged one on top of another:

He chose a cartoon from the stack of DVDs on the shelf.

wheelbarrow noun [ C ]

UK /ˈwiːlˌbær.əʊ/ US /ˈwiːlˌber.oʊ/ also barrow


a large, open container for moving things in with a wheel at the frontand two handles at the back, used especially in the garden

trundle verb

UK /ˈtrʌn.dəl/ US /ˈtrʌn.dəl/


[ I or T, usually + adv/prep ](to cause something) to move slowly on wheels:

She trundled the wheelbarrow down the path.
Hundreds of trucks full of fruit and vegetables trundle across the border each day.

mangetout noun [ C usually plural ]

UK /ˌmɑːnʒˈtuː/ US /ˌmɑːnʒˈtuː/ uk us snow pea

prop sth up

phrasal verb with prop UK /prɒp/ US /prɑːp/ verb [ T + adv/prep ]-pp-


to lift and give support to something by putting something under it:

He was sitting upright in his hospital bed, propped up by pillows.
There were the usual bunch of drinkers propped up at (= leaning against) the bar.

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