Tristan Harris: How better tech could protect us from distraction

1) newsfeed noun [ C ]

also news feed /ˈnjuːz.fiːd/ /ˈnuːz.fiːd/

a web page or screen that updates (= changes) often to show thelatest news or information:

LabSpaces has all of the features of a social-networking site with the addition of adaily science newsfeed.

2) bulldoze verb [ T ]

UK /ˈbʊl.dəʊz/ US /ˈbʊl.doʊz/

to destroy buildings and make an area flat with a bulldozer:

The township was bulldozed in the 1950s.


to force someone to do something, although they might not want to:

She bulldozed her daughter into buying a new dress.

3) abrasive adjective

US UK /əˈbreɪ.sɪv/

rude and unfriendly:

She has a rather abrasive manner.
He can sometimes be abrasive in meetings.

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