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Marmite noun [ U ]

/ˈmɑː.maɪt/ /ˈmɑːr/ trademark

a soft, dark brown, salty-tasting food for spreading on bread, made from yeast, that is popular in the UK

uk informalsomething or someone that some people like very much and other people dislike very strongly:

Russell Brand is something of a Marmite presenter — you either love him or you can’tbear him.

sidetrack verb [ T usually passive ]

UK /ˈsaɪd.træk/ US /ˈsaɪd.træk/


to direct a person’s attention away from an activity or subject towards another one that is less important:

Ruth was looking for an envelope in a drawer when she was sidetracked by someold letters.
The students sidetracked their teacher into talking about her hobby.
I’m sorry I’m late — I got sidetracked.