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flounder verb [ I ]

UK /ˈflaʊn.dər/ US /ˈflaʊn.dɚ/

to experience great difficulties or be completely unable to decide what to do or say next:

He lost the next page of his speech and floundered around/about for a fewseconds.
Although his business was a success, his marriage was floundering.
Richardson resigned as chairman, leaving the company floundering.

Hi there!

It’s going to be the first message, so I want it to be scintillating…but I’ve got no ideas so far)



BrE /ˈsɪntɪleɪtɪŋ/; NAmE /ˈsɪntɪleɪtɪŋ/

very clever, amusing and interesting: a scintillating performance. Statistics on unemployment levels hardly make for scintillating reading.

taken from Cambridge dictionary